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management information systems

Management Information Systems

If you enjoy working with others and have an interest in using technology to make a positive impact on society, then you have what it takes to major in Management Information Systems. Management Information Systems (MIS) is the academic discipline that studies how people, technology, and organizations can collectively solve business problems. The field of MIS involves identifying and analyzing the needs of an organization and offering solutions to meet those needs.

MIS majors work in a number of different industries, providing their organizations with a wide range of services. MIS majors can become business analysts, project managers, database administrators, and web designers, to name a few positions that are non-specific to any one industry. Regardless of the position, our graduates utilize experiences from their business and technical training to help their organizations operate and compete more effectively through the strategic use of information technology. Further, our graduates are able to lead exciting projects that involve high degrees of personal interaction with various stakeholders.

The common misperception about MIS is that it is a discipline that focuses on computer programming. To the contrary, programming is only one part of our curriculum, and many positions exist that require no programming duties. For example, a business analyst focuses on understanding the needs of a business and identifying information system changes required to achieve strategic goals. Business analysts often collect requirements from end users for new information systems by holding focus groups, interviewing, and documenting business processes and models. Based on their research, they will recommend software solutions to solve problems and coordinate the development and testing of the systems until it is delivered to the users.

The MIS faculty at Belmont have developed close relationships with industry leaders in the Nashville area. From the moment you enter our program, you will be mentored and given the opportunity to meet senior level, IT managers from Fortune 500 companies such as HCA, CHS, Nissan North America, and CAT Financial. Building relationships and real world experiences between faculty, students and corporations are at the core of our program.

Career Opportunities

A degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) will prepare you for a career in a dynamic and growing industry. In fact, MIS professionals are among the most sought-after graduates in the job market today. Opportunities are projected to be best for applicants with an IS degree coupled with strong communication and administrative skills, which our program emphasizes. Companies want candidates with solid written and verbal skills because presentations to clients and working in cross-functional teams are part of the normal position requirements.

MIS graduates will find career opportunities wherever computers are used in business, industry, and government. These are just a few examples:

  • Business analysis
  • Knowledge management systems
  • Website management
  • E-commerce development
  • Decision support systems
  • Database administration
  • Inventory control systems
  • Software product development

Within these areas, typical titles include: Business Analyst, Database Manager, Computer Helpdesk, Programmer, Network Administrator, Project Manager, Information Technology Consultant and Quality Assurance Manager.

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