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Letter From President Fisher

Dear Colleagues,

Belmont’s “Welcome Home” initiative was established by Senior Leadership three years ago to support the university’s goal of becoming increasingly more diverse and broadly reflective of our local and global communities. The Welcome Home team helps to define our work in terms of racial and ethnic diversity and how we go about achieving our goals.  The team meets regularly to explore initiatives and plan strategies to create a culture of inclusion; to ensure learning experiences that enable students to gain strong intercultural competencies; and to actively and intentionally recruit faculty, staff and students from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.  

The Welcome Home Team utilizes a tactical approach to increasing racial and ethnic diversity at Belmont by recognizing and supporting on-going campus diversity initiatives as well as establishing tiered initiatives and goals.  A web site has been developed that features Belmont’s Diversity and Global Initiatives.  Click here to visit the website and here to see an overview of the Welcome Home Team’s “Tier One” initiatives as well as the university initiatives that are already established and continuing.

As we end this academic year, I want to update the campus on the progress that’s being achieved.  Attached is a document that overviews the current status update for each of our Tier One initiatives.  Tier two initiatives are being developed and will be shared with all of you in the fall. 

In addition, I’m happy to report that Belmont will pilot a “Supplier Diversity Program” for the 2014-15 fiscal year to mutually benefit minority and women-owned businesses.  The pilot will create opportunities for vendors to market their products to two key departments at Belmont -- Auxiliary Services and Facilities Management as well as current contractors who engage in subcontracting serving those departments.  The pilot will also develop a basis upon which Belmont can expand the program to other departments in an effort to underscore the importance of diversity and cultural competency.

I’m excited about the work that’s being done, and I want to thank everyone for their efforts in helping Belmont become a leader among universities who strive to create a culture of inclusion.

Have a wonderful summer! 

Bob Fisher, President

and the Welcome Home Team:

Susan West, Chair
Deborah Baruzzini
Colin Cannonier
Ruby Dunlap
Gary Hunter
Phil Johnston
Steven Martin
David Mee
John Carney
Greg Pillon
Cheryl Slay Carr
Pat Smedley
Joyce Searcy