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Q. Is the GRE or any other test required for admission into the Teacher Education Program?
A formal exam is required. Students applying may submit official scores from Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or Millers Analogy Test (MAT) Master of Arts & Teaching (M.A.T.) programs. Scores must be within 5 years of application date.

Q. Must a student pass all the appropriate sections of the PRAXIS II before applying for licensure?
Yes, the State of Tennessee requires these exams for licensure application.

Q. How do I know what Praxis ll tests to take?
Contact Andrea McClain:

Q. When is the PRAXIS offered?
The schedule is published one year in advance. A copy of that schedule is posted on the ETS website and paper copies are available in the Belmont Education department.

Click here for more information about PRAXIS

Q. Is it possible to begin the program and attempt to make up deficits in content areas at the same time?
Yes, but this is dependent on the amount of coursework missing.

Q. What if I have taken all the course work I would need for licensure and all I need is to complete student teaching? Would Belmont’s Teacher Education Program sponsor me for student teaching?
As an exception, Belmont will work with Directors of Student Teaching at other universities to sponsor student teaching. Their license will be applied for by the university where the student completes their Teacher Education program.

Q. How do I know what courses are required for my licensure area?
Once you are admitted to the Teacher Education Program you are assigned an advisor. They will help you determine your program of study.  

Q. What kind of financial aid is available?
There are several options available for Belmont Education Students:
We suggest you begin with Belmont Student Financial Services:

Graduate Plus Loan Lenders

Q. What will the Teacher Education Program do to help me get a teaching job?

A. Your two student teaching placements will be in two counties that employ Belmont graduates. We will keep you informed of Job Fairs and teaching positions that are open. We will also assist you in developing a resume and help you with your interviewing skills through our teacher  gateway interviews.

Belmont University’s Teacher Intern Program

Q. What are the admissions requirements for the Internship Program?
A. Please check our admission link on our Graduate Education Site

Q. What is the admission deadline for the Teacher Internship Program?
We must have your completed application by March 1 to ensure your fall placement.

Q. What if I have additional questions about admissions to the Teacher internship program at Belmont?
Please contact the Department of Education at 615.460.5483.

Q. Are there prerequisite courses for the Teacher Internship Program?
Candidates must have completed the 15 hour core before entering the program in the fall. Additionally candidates must complete Metro and State requirements for CPR training, fingerprinting, and background checks. Belmont assists the Interns in this process.      

Q. Where does the Teacher Education Program place its interns?
The internship program is dedicated to promoting learning communities that extend beyond Belmont and into the schools where interns are placed.  Therefore, interns are placed in clusters at cooperating schools in order to optimize the opportunities for interns and teachers to collaborate both at Belmont and at their school site.

Q. What is the cost of the Internship program?
A. The program is 45 hours. Get a cost estimate here.

Q. How long does it take to complete the Program?
This track typically takes 12-15 months to complete. Once the 15-hour Professional Core is complete, you move into a two-semester internship (fall and spring).

Q. How much time do candidates spend in schools?
An intern candidate will follow school district’s academic calendar, and the intern will spend an entire year participating in the teaching activities of their placement.  Some parts of the day and some days will be spent participating in university led activities, but the intern will spend at least 180 full days at their placement.

Q. How is my mentor teacher selected for me?
  Your mentor teacher will be selected for you based upon the grade level and content areas that you would like to teach. 

Q. When do I meet my mentor?
The Belmont Department of Education hosts a ‘Meet and Greet’ for Interns and their mentors prior to the beginning of the school year.

Q. What kind of support will I have at my school site?
Candidates work closely in classrooms with carefully selected Mentor Teachers. In addition, each candidate is assigned a University Supervisor who will visit and observe them regularly.  Their University Supervisor will serve as a link to Belmont that provides service directly to the school site.  Additionally, the Director of the Internship program consults with interns on an individual basis, observing them in their classrooms and providing them with curricular and practical support in addition to that which their Belmont University Supervisor and the Mentor Teacher provide.

Q. What if I have additional questions about the Teacher Internship program, coursework, etc
Please contact Dorian Harrison