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Music Education Major

Students singing and playing the guitar outside

Belmont's Music Education program has been designed to provide musical and professional training for students who want to become music teachers in grades K-12.

This curriculum leads to licensure by the Tennessee Department of Education - a requirement for all teachers in the state. All music majors choose a licensure track in:

  • K-12 vocal/general music
  • K-12 instrumental music
  • or (with additional coursework) in both K-12 vocal and instrumental music.

Students pursuing the major in Music Education have the option of choosing a traditional or integrative applied track.  Private lessons in the traditional track are all classical.  Students choosing the integrative applied track take three semesters of commercial lessons in their principal applied area in addition to seven semesters of classical lessons.

Due to broad requirements of licensure, the program takes eight full semesters plus one summer for completion. Student teaching, a requirement of licensure, involves an entire semester with experiences on both elementary and secondary levels.

Once students have satisfactorily completed the curriculum for the major in Music Education (including student teaching) and have taken and passed the required PRAXIS tests, they are recommended for licensure to the Tennessee Department of Education.  (NOTE: Tennessee has reciprocity for licensure with 47 other states). 

In the unlikely event an upper level music education major changes career goals, the student may petition to graduate with a major in Music Education without student teaching; in this case, the student will not receive licensure.

Though students may graduate by meeting the requirements of the academic bulletin under which they enter, all current state requirements must be met for teacher licensure. The Music Education major is the best preparation for graduate study in music education.

Click here for the Music Education Handbook.

Degree Requirements

See the degree requirements: Vocal Licensure or Instrumental Licensure

Career Paths

Music teacher (K – 12)

Graduate study in Music Education


Dr. Lesley Mann


Vocal Licensure

Instrumental Licensure

Sample Course Offerings

Basic Conducting

Elementary Methods

Middle School Methods


Student Teaching

Marching Band Methods

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Audition Requirements
Audition Process