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Belmont University | Belief in Something Greater
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Chapel Schedule

    August 2018

    Past Events

  • What's Belief Got To Do With It?
    08-27-2018 | 10:00am | Chapel

    Heather-Daugherty-S.jpgHeather Daugherty has spent the last 16 years working and ministering on college campuses.  Her passion in working with students is helping them to discover how their faith impacts their everyday life – from the career that they choose to where they live to how they spend their money.



  • Larry The Cucumber
    08-29-2018 | 10:00AM | MPAC

    LarryTheCucumber.jpgMike Nawrocki is co-creator of VeggieTales, the first-ever CGI video series. He is the co-founder of Big Idea Productions, and the voice of Larry the Cucumber.

    Co-sponsored by the Office of Growth & Purpose for Students and The Motion Pictures Program


  • Deporting Jesús?
    08-31-2018 | 10:00AM | MPAC

    Cesar-Virto.jpgCESAR VIRTO was brought to the U.S. as an undocumented child, became a youth pastor, married an American, and now works at LifeWay. In Illegal Christian he writes of his DACA status: “I literally know no other home, and there are millions like me.”


    September 2018

    Past Events

  • Created For Creativity
    09-05-2018 | 10:00AM | MPAC

    KennedyandSkaggs.jpgGordon Kennedy is a multiple GRAMMY® Award-winner, Belmont alumnus and world-renowned guitarist.
    Ricky Skaggs 
    has 14 GRAMMY® Awards, 12 No. 1 hits, eight CMA Awards and eight ACM Awards.

    Co-sponsored by the Curb College of Entertainment & Music Business and the College of Visual & Performing Arts


  • Dave Barnes
    09-07-2018 | 10:00AM | MPAC

    Dave-Barnes.jpg“Who Knew It Would Be So Hard to Be Myself” is Dave’s seventh album. He is a GRAMMY® and CMA-nominee who has played in hundreds of cities and written hit songs for dozens of other top singers.


  • For King & Country
    09-10-2018 | 10:00AM | MPAC

    For-King-and-Country.jpgJoel & Luke Smallbone are Australian brothers whose band has won two Grammys, four Dove Awards and had 300,000,000 streams of their music.

    Co-sponsored by the Curb College of Entertainment & Music Business


  • What Do I Believe
    09-12-2018 | 10:00am | Chapel

    david-dark.jpgDr. David Dark teaches - or tries to- because he is drawn to the enlivening event of open-ended conversation. He has a deep, occasionally beleaguered but abiding faith in its possibilities, and his passion for intellectual exchange is, in some sense, derived from his memory of people creating or conjuring this kind of space for him inside and outside the classroom. 


  • Faith in College
    09-14-2018 | 10:00am | Chapel

    Dr. John Delony serves Belmont University as the Associate Provost and Dean of Students 




  • Poetry and Faith
    09-17-2018 | 10:00AM | Chapel


    Dr. Malcolm Guite is a poet and Anglican priest who teaches and serves as a Chaplain at the University of Cambridge. He is the author of 10 books of poetry and prose.

    Co-sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences


  • The Color of Christianity
    09-19-2018 | 10:00AM | Chapel

    Dr. Edgar Barron  is Chair of the Department of Leadership and Organizational Psychology at Azusa Pacific University, where he served as Executive Director of Multiethnic Programs with a focus on racial reconciliation and minority student development. 

    Co-sponsored by the Faculty Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Committee

  • Parables of Jesus Series
    09-21-2018 | 10:00am | Chapel

    Heather-Daugherty-S.jpgHeather Daugherty has spent the last 16 years working and ministering on college campuses.  Her passion in working with students is helping them to discover how their faith impacts their everyday life – from the career that they choose to where they live to how they spend their money.  


  • Disrupted by Belief
    09-24-2018 | 10:00am | Chapel

    aaron-etheridge.pngAaron Etheridge leads the ministry teams and oversees discipleship efforts at the Cannery Ballroom campus as the campus pastor. He also serves in many other areas of Ethos Church, including the Respond team, Prayer Gathering, Teaching team, and leading a House Church.

    This chapel will be entitled "Disrupted by Belief," and will look at what happens when what we believe becomes inconvenient or even disruptive to life as we know it. This teaching will take a look at what it looks like to really believe in something even in the face of such disruption.




  • Medical Missions
    09-26-2018 | 10:00AM | Chapel

    Eric-McLaughlin.jpgDr. Eric McLaughlin, a Belmont alumnus, moved to Burundi -- the poorest country in the world-- six years ago with his wife, also an M.D., and four other physician families to train future doctors at Hope Africa University's Kibuye Hospital. 

    Co-sponsored by the College of Health Sciences, the College of Pharmacy and Alumni Relations


  • Parables of Jesus
    09-28-2018 | 10:00am | Chapel


    Joshua Riedel is originally from the Pacific Northwest, where discovered his love for collegiate ministry during his time as a student at George Fox University, just outside of Portland, OR. Josh feels called to come alongside students as they navigate the complexities of the college experience and begin to wrestle with some of life’s toughest questions.


    October 2018

    Past Events

  • The Power of Diversity
    10-01-2018 | 10:00AM | Chapel

    Mark-Charles.jpgMARK CHARLES is a Navajo Christian Community Development leader who engages the complexities of American history regarding race, culture and faith in order to help forge a path of healing and biblical reconciliation.



  • White World
    10-03-2018 | 10:00AM | Chapel

    Austin-Channing-Brown.jpgAUSTIN CHANNING BROWN'S book, I'm Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness, is a Publisher's Weekly "must-read" for its exploration of racial justice, faith and black womanhood. Austin has an MSW and served as Multicultural Liaison at Calvin College. 

  • Juvenile Injustice
    10-05-2018 | 10:00AM | Chapel

    Sheila-Calloway.jpgJUDGE SHEILA CALLOWAY was elected Juvenile Court Judge in 2014. She helps lead the Disproportionate Minority Task Force as an advocate for at-risk children and youth, and teaches on the undergraduate and graduate levels at both Vanderbilt and American Baptist College.

    Co-sponsored by the Office of Administration & University Counsel and the College of Law


  • What Do Christians Believe About Diversity?
    10-08-2018 | 10:00am | Chapel

    Student Panel Discussionpaneldis.jpg


  • America's Original Sin
    10-10-2018 | 10:00AM | Chapel

    Jim-Wallis.jpgJIM WALLIS is a New York Times bestselling author of 12 books, most recently America's Original Sin: Racism, White Privilege, and the Bridge to a New America. He is founder and president of Sojourners, a Christian social justice magazine and ministry.

    Co-sponsored by the Faculty Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Committee. 

  • Parables of Jesus Series
    10-12-2018 | 10:00am | Chapel

    amanda-miller.jpgDr. Amanda Miller has been at Belmont since Fall 2011, and teaches courses ranging from freshman-level general education, through Koine Greek (the original language of the New Testament), to in-depth upper level New Testament courses with religion majors and minors. 


  • Faith & Science
    10-17-2018 | 10:00AM | Chapel

    Jimmy-Lin.jpgDR. JIMMY LIN has an MD, PhD and MHS from Johns Hopkins, an MA in Religion, and 100+ publications. He created the National Institutes of Health’s Clinical Genomics Program, is Chief Scientific Officer for Oncology at Natera, and founder of the Rare Genomics Institute.

    Co-sponsored by the College of Sciences and Mathematics

  • Parables of Jesus Series
    10-19-2018 | 10:00am | Chapel

    Dr.-Darrell-Gwaltney-02-M.jpgDr. Darrell Gwaltney came to Belmont to serve as dean for the College of Theology and Christian Ministry in 2004 and was named the H. Franklin Paschall Chair of Biblical Studies and Preaching in 2012. He teaches biblical studies, theology, worship and preaching, and church leadership classes whenever he can get away from the administrative duties of his job as dean.


  • Prophetic Art
    10-22-2018 | 10:00AM | Chapel

    Propaganda.jpgPROPAGANDA (JASON EMMANUEL PETTY) is a Christian hip hop and spoken word artist and poet from Los Angeles who has released six albums with a focus on diversity and connection.

  • Charity Detox
    10-24-2018 | 10:00AM | Chapel

    Shawn-Duncan.jpgDR. SHAWN DUNCAN is Director of the Lupton Center, the training division of Focused Community Strategies, a Christian Community Development organization that empowers poor communities to thrive by building upon neighborhood strengths.

    Co-sponsored by the Massey College of Business Social-Entrepreneurship Programs

  • Parables of Jesus Series
    10-26-2018 | 10:00am | Chapel

    larkin.jpgLarkin Briley grew up a local in Franklin, TN, and he stayed in town to attend Belmont for his undergraduate degree. Larkin loves working with college students, and is passionate about helping them learn to leverage their passions and careers for others’ flourishing.


  • What Christians Believe About Politics?
    10-29-2018 | 10:00am | Chapel

    paneldis.jpgStudent Panel Discussion


  • "That 70s Show"
    10-31-2018 | 10:00AM | Chapel

    Dean-Batali.jpgDEAN BATALI is a television producer and writer known for “That 70’s Show,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” and “Good Witch,” among a number of award-winning programs in the U.S. and Canada.

    Co-sponsored by the Curb College of Entertainment & Music Business Motion Pictures Program

    November 2018

    Past Events

  • Worship and Word
    11-02-2018 | 10:00am | Chapel

    Elena Aronson:Director of Training for Arrabon and Program Director for the Urban Doxology Summer Internship

    An “urban doxology” is any liturgy, preaching, or music and arts that crosses boundaries in ethnicity, race, and class that prepares God’s people for the city of God. Elena’s community in Richmond, VA is pursuing a community that encourages multi-ethnic engagement – she will share her story of what this looks like in her work and world.

  • Who's Your Daddy? Knowing Whose We Are and What that Means as Children of God
    11-05-2018 | 10:00AM | Chapel


    DR. ALEXANDER JUN is a TED speaker and Professor of Higher Education at Azusa Pacific, and formerly USC. His books include White Out: Understanding White Privilege and From Here to University: Access, Mobility, and Resilience Among Urban Latino Youth.

    Co-sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences and the Faculty Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Committee

  • "Cheeseburger In Paradise"
    11-07-2018 | 10:00AM | Chapel

    Peter-Mayer.jpgPETER MAYER has been the lead guitarist for Jimmy Buffett for three decades. Peter is the son of Lutheran missionaries to India and has released 13 albums with his own bands, including “Peter Mayer’s Songs of Faith." 


  • Parables of Jesus Series
    11-09-2018 | 10:00am | Chapel

    andy-watts1.jpgDr. Andy Watts began teaching, researching, and writing about the intersections between Christianity, culture, and ethics after coming to Belmont in 2005. In addition to teaching a course in the undergraduate study abroad programs Dr. Watts developed a study away intensive to Native American reservations. Dr. Watts also teaches for-credit courses in Tennessee state prisons, seeking to empower those affected by mass incarceration.


  • What Christians Believe About Mental Health
    11-12-2018 | 10:00am | Chapel

    paneldis.jpgStudent Panel Discussion


  • Altar'd State
    11-14-2018 | 10:00AM | Chapel

    Aaron-Walters.jpgAARON WALTERS is co-founder and CEO of Altar’d State, which has 100 stores with a Christian “mission to make a difference” in the lives of needy children through Missions Mondays financial giving, child sponsorship and paying employees who do volunteer work.

    Co-sponsored by the Massey College of Business Kennedy Center for Business Ethics

  • Parables of Jesus Series
    11-16-2018 | 10:00am | Chapel

    Christy-Ridings-S.jpgChristy Ridings is a Belmont alumna, earned an MA from Portland Seminary and is pursuing a DMin from Central Baptist Theological Seminary. For the past 23 years, she has been involved in various campus ministry areas at Belmont and Vanderbilt University as well as coordinating collegiate events/ministries across the nation.


  • Believing in Church
    11-19-2018 | 10:00am | Chapel

    john-faison.jpgJohn R. Faison, Sr. is the Senior Pastor of Watson Grove Baptist Church in Nashville, which has grown from 300 to 1,900 members. He has a B.A. in Political Science, an M.A. in Practical Theology and is earning a D.Min. at Payne Theological Seminary. He is an HIV/AIDS National NAACP Ambassador, President of a Community Development Corporation and member of the Belmont Board of Trustees.


  • Engaging Belief in Asia
    11-26-2018 | 10:00am | Chapel

    megan-stephens2.jpgMegan Stephens is a Belmont alumna who works at Young Life coordinating outreach and engagement throughout Asia. 

    Is following Jesus simply about modifying our behavior, or could there be more?  How does believing in Grace change the way we think and live?  Come and see Jesus with fresh eyes, as we consider the way of Grace in a world of scorekeeping.

  • Sex & The Soul
    11-28-2018 | 10:00AM | Chapel

    James-Lowe.jpgJames Lowe, a former social worker, is Senior Pastor of Bethel World Outreach Church, the largest multiracial church in Tennessee, where Debbie Winans-Lowe, part of the Winans family of gospel singers, helps lead initiatives for “devotion, diversity & discipleship.”


  • Worship and Word
    11-30-2018 | 10:00am | Chapel

    December 2018

    Past Events

  • Christmas Around The World
    12-03-2018 | 10:00AM | Chapel

    Students and faculty from the Department of Modern Languages help lead this multi-lingual service of Scripture and song celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

    Co-sponsored by the Modern Languages Department